Jaanus is the northern and more temperate continent. It has a diversified terrain and population.

Humans, Elves, and Halflings make up the major populations of Jaanus, with Orcs and Grey Goblins also being prevalent.

Geographically the continent is largely surrounded by mountains, with some mountain ranges in the central regions. To the north there is a barren tundra that the Orcs and Goblins call home. On the edge of the tundra is the Burun Forest, home of the Elves. The center of the continent contains a vast inland sea, with fertile farmland to the east and dangerous marshes to the west.

Jaanus is divided into four major regions. The four regions from south to north are Thymune, Ridu, Burun, and Skyorn. Each of these provinces are technically independent kingdoms; however, several decades after the construction of the Great Skybridge, the King of Thymune grew so wealthy through trade with the dwarves that his kingdom became the political and economical center of the world. There is also the Tundra

Visit the individual pages for the regions for more specific information about Jaanus.

Major cities (population >10,000) on Jaanus include Sermaya, Eiridu, Orman, Kala, Yulia, Levestra, and Bergen.


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