House Rules


For simplicity’s sake, I have combined Spot and Listen into “Perception” and Hide and Move Silently into “Stealth” (as in Pathfinder). Any other changes to skills will be listed here.


Precise Shot is required for all other archery Feats, rather than Point Blank Shot.
Toughness uses Pathfinder rules


In his war for the throne, King Lazar introduced new forms of weaponry to the world. For adventures set after The War of Succession, players will have access to the “Renaissance Weapons” described on page 145 of the DMG (with slight alterations).
Also, the unique nature of the world allows for other special equipment. For a detailed explanation of all nonstandard tech, follow this link.


There are no gnomes on Vucuut. Instead, goblins are an accepted part of society and often become adventurers. There are two distinct races of goblins, those found on Jaanus and those from Hanuu. For details on goblins as a playable race, please click here.

House Rules

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