Hanuu is the southern continent of Vucuut. It’s climate and geography is much less varied than Jaanus.

The population of Vucuut is largely made up of the Dwarves and the Desert Goblins.

Like it’s northern counterpart, Hanuu is surrounded by mountains, though these are not as large as the ones on Jaanus. The entire northeast region is a rocky, almost mountainous desert. The dwarven city of Pustynia sits on the edge of an inland sea; similar to the one in central Jaanus. The mountains south of Pustynia are rich is veins of gold and gems. To the west is the trackless dunes of the Tattalkar Desert. The Desert Goblins have a civilization in this desert, but have not interacted much with the other civilizations of Vucuut.

Vucuut is made up of three regions, though the borders of these are more geographical than political. North Hanuu, The Golden Hills, and the Tattalkar Desert. Pustynia and it’s lake are along the eastern edge of the continent, in North Hanuu. While not as fertile as Ridu, this area contains the best farmland in Hanuu. There are numerous mining towns and other small settlements in the Golden Hills.

Residual effects of the force that lifted Jaanus and Hanuu into the sky can be seen in the form of massive boulders floating above the southern continent. The chucks of rock measure anything from a few feet in diameter to several miles wide, and hover between twenty and fifty feet above the surface. Many of these floating rocks contain precious mineral deposits similar to those found in The Golden Hills, and several of the larger satellites have been hollowed enough for communities to form in them. Once such community is Buoyanton, which was originally settled as a method to save space for farmland, but has spread out from the central rock down to the surface.

See the individual pages of each region for more specific information about Hanuu.

Major cities (population >10,000) on Hanuu include Pustynia, and Buoyanton, as well as the hidden Desert Goblin city of Reischan.


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