The Protectors
Part of the King's Army

About five years passed between the meeting in Ridu and the next chapter in the adventurers’ story. In that time Lazar, The Bastard King, took the throne in his swift and bloody War of Succession.

Strange Beginnings
A Cult in the Woods

None of them knew it at the time, but from the moment they sat at that table in the crowded inn in Ellyas, the fates of these adventures were intertwined with the fate of our very world.
I am Harlys, and with this journal, I will recount the trials of our heroes.

A night of drinking, tale weaving, and comradery among travelers was cut short when tragedy struck the town. A small band of xenophobic zealots ride into the village and began to terrorize the non-human population. They set fire to the home of a quiet elven family with the patriarch inside. Gnut, the devout paladin; Trixie, the powerful Transmuter; Roy, the stoic monk; Drew, the passionate Druid; and Melf, the jovial ranger, leapt to aid the stricken family. They quickly dispatched the group of zealots, though allowed one to escape back into the nearby forest the next morning after Trixie planted a tracking spell on him.

After following the man for several hours, the party discovered a compound in the middle of the woods. It appeared to be an old priory that had been recently transformed into a military compound of sorts. Our heroes fought their way through the compound with ease before discovering a set of tunnels and caves in the ground below. In a large cavern the group was challenged by a man named Kamut, who held a large group of men and women enthralled in a sermon about the evils of non-humans and how their very existence was an affront to the “one, true god,” the god of Order. After a brief but furious battle, the adventurers defeated Kramuk and freed the enchanted men and women from his spell. But before he died, he made it clear that this group of zealots in the woods was not the only one. That this was not the end of the cult, but was in fact only the beginning and a new power would soon control all of Vucuut.

After dispatching the few remaining zealots, the adventurers decided to go their separate ways: some to search for and investigate instances of the Cult of Order, and others to continue their own personal quests for knowledge or glory. It would be several years before they would meet again.

So ends the first entry if many in the tale of Vucuut’s greatest heroes. I will record more at a later date, but for now I must rest.

-Harlys, scribe if the Church of Balance


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